Photography Lessons and Courses

You Just Bought a Digital Camera ... Now What?

You thought it would be fantastic, but your photos aren't turning out the way you want and you're disappointed.

A solution exists that doesn't cost thousands of dollars or take weeks!

A plain English approach and clear lesson structure (complete with take-home notes) simplifies the technical gobbledegook, slashes the learning curve, and gives you confidence.

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Private or Small Group Lessons

It's up to you; choose private lessons or bring friends! Whether you're a beginner or experienced, I'm dedicated to helping improve your photography!

Instead of feeling frustrated, let your photography become exciting and fulfilling: skill, not luck, creates great images!

If you're ready to move beyond snapshots (or wish to send an e-Gift), to receive the detailed Info Sheet (PDF).

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Happy Students

Vivian Tan, Kowloon

Randall's lessons were very well thought out and organized into brief, concise sections.

The first lesson was easy to understand and the technical details were well explained. I probably understood more in that lesson than I did the last 2 years through books, the Internet and YouTube tutorials!

However I enjoyed the second lesson even more and I liked the fact that Randall used lots of different pictures to demonstrate his points. The lesson opened my eyes to the creative side of photography and made me more aware of details I would never have noticed before.

But most of all I appreciated Randall's obvious passion for teaching photography - you could see that he truly wanted to help his students become better photographers. Thanks to his lessons I was able to get past my fear of the technical stuff, and start to enjoy taking pictures!

I would highly recommend Randall to anyone looking to improve his/her skills.

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Martin Hill, Hong Kong

Although I am a seasoned amateur photographer, with a firm understanding of my camera controls and how to use them, I found Randall's private lessons to be extremely informative.

I was able to learn some great digital photography technical information I had previously been unaware of and in both the practical and field lessons, was able to concentrate on specific areas of composition which were previously unclear to me.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing more with their camera to spend some time with this terrific photographer to truly unlock your creative potential.

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