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Randall is a Canadian photographer and instructor who has resided in Hong Kong for 18 years.


Nine years of enthusiastic coaching has given 830 students confidence to make better photographs.


Randall has sold images to magazines, books, brochures, corporate offices, and National Geographic.


Randall fell in love with photography at 11. At 15 he acquired his first film SLR camera.


For 20 years Randall developed fundamental and compositional skills before moving to digital in 2001.


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Happy Students

Randall has worked with women and men from all over Hong Kong, as well as Australia, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Macau, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

Martin Hill, Hong Kong

Although I am a seasoned amateur photographer, with a firm understanding of my camera controls and how to use them, I found Randall's private lessons to be extremely informative.

I was able to learn some great digital photography technical information I had previously been unaware of and in both the practical and field lessons, was able to concentrate on specific areas of composition which were previously unclear to me.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing more with their camera to spend some time with this terrific photographer to truly unlock your creative potential.

Vivian Tan, Kowloon

Randall's lessons were very well thought out and organized ... I understood more than I did the last 2 years through books, the Internet and YouTube tutorials!

But most of all I appreciated Randall's obvious passion for teaching photography - you could see that he truly wanted to help his students become better photographers. I was able to get past my fear of the technical stuff, and start to enjoy taking pictures!

I would highly recommend Randall to anyone looking to improve his/her skills.

David Akast, Hong Kong

Randall's course was exactly what I needed. I had long known that there were gaping holes in my photographic knowledge and he has tied up all the things I had for years half-understood (or totally misunderstood).

Classes packed an enormous amount in and have left me excited to go out and put into practice what I have learnt. Randall's enthusiasm, humour, patience, knowledge and experience combine to create a course that is absolutely ideal for anyone with a DSLR who wishes to take their photographic skills to the next level.

Highly recommended!

Amanda Herbert, Singapore

As a teacher myself, I think that your greatest gift is your ability to convey your enthusiasm and passion about photography.

Your messages were delivered with warmth, kindness and authority. Our chats ticked all the right boxes for me: short, clear explanations, real examples based on photos and a practical session to employ the concepts taught.

Eric Chen, Hong Kong

I was impressed by how you condensed so much material into a relatively short amount of time. I would highly recommend this crash course as money and time well spent.

You made photography much more accessible than any of the books I have tried to flip through and could not finish. Your lessons really helped to demystify the fundamentals and gave me a solid platform from which to experiment and improve on.

Hardeep Jandu, Hong Kong

Wow - what an eye opener!! Thank you very much for an extremely informative course ...

I found your material and delivery to be helpful, interesting, and easy to understand; everything makes so much more sense now.

I have come away with great excitement and enthusiasm and feel truly empowered to embark on the world of opportunities behind the lens.


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